Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Visitor Tracking Software. Zap!

What does it do?

This feature allows you to customize the look of all visitor badges. Options include adding a company logo, a visitor photo, a title bar and printing in black, white and red (red only available for the new Brother 800 series line of printers)

How do I use it?

  • From the WORKBENCH select BADGES.

  • Title bar ;  enter your preferred title.              Ex: Contractor, Visitor, Employee, Student, Volunteer etc.

  • Under Badge logo,  enter your company logo Optimized logo size is 200 x 75 pixels.  Max upload file size is 4mb.

  • Include visitor photo - from WORKBENCH go to Photo Capture and enable this feature.

  • Print badge for pre-authorized sign in - disabling this feature will suspend badge printing paper badges for your employees or pre-authorized sign ins.

Your logo

Display a visitor photo

Title bar

Current date

Visitor name

Visitor's company name

Selecting your Print Method

  • Off -  badge printing suspended.

  • Direct Printing - choose your Printer type (ZAP IN 2 supports the Brother 700 and 800 series of printers) and Printer roll type (ZAP IN 2 supports 18 different label types including the new DK-2251 for red, black and white printing)

  • PDF - badges will be emailed in a PDF file format. You can also display a Dashboard popup for your users monitoring visitor traffic from your dashboard . 

  • Select Save to enable your changes.

For custom sizes or full color badges,  select PDF from "Print Method"

Badges for special events, trade shows 

  • Print to PDF will allow you to customize the size of your badge 

  • the badge will be emailed as a pdf attachment - and hence printable by any network color laser /inkjet printer

  • insert printed badge into protective sleeve and hang from landyard