Visitor Tracking Software Feature: Badge Printing

Check in, you feel me?


Badges display current date, visitor name, company name and your logo. If photo capture is enabled, then the visitor’s picture will also display. Zap!


ZAP IN includes a full integrated printer driver for fully automatic printing without visitor intervention. The badges print out quickly and are ready to be worn on adhesive labels.


Employee Sign In Badge Printer

Wireless Badge Printer

Automatically print visitor badges on demand.   Badges print instantly - ready for your visitor to wear. Brother QL 720 NW (B&W color) or  QL 820 NBW  (B&W and red colors)  -thermal label printer, requires no ink. 


*For photos or color badges, ZAP IN emails a pdf of the badge to print on your network color printer.*

Guest book, add your logo

Add Your Logo...

With the Photo capture feature activated, the printer will automatically show the visitor picture on each badge.


Badge set up includes an option to select your logo file to display as well. Forget the sign in sheet and access log, welcome your automated reception solution today!

Reception kiosk, sign in app