Building / Tablet Group

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What does it do?

How do I use it?

This feature allows a user to separate or combine iPads into building groups to display on the web dashboard. Keep multiple tablets connected to the same building to allow faster sign ins and sign outs at different locations.

  • From the Workbench, click Building / Tablet Group

  • From the left margin, select a Building - the name will display in the Building name field.   To change the building name, enter the correct name in this field.  

  • To set the correct timezone for this building, select your choice from the drop down listing located in the Timezone field.

  • Select Save to enable your changes.

  • NOTE - To delete a Building, click the active button next to the Building name to change it to delete, then click the Save button. A prompt will confirm your changes. All visitor data will be deleted with your Building, you can find a history of these records in the Profile section of your Dashboard.

Larger organizations with multiple locations may need to reflect multiple time zones. For example, your administrator (Master account holder) may access the dashboard from a North American location,  and have other locations listed that are in Europe.