Shared Here To See Directory

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This feature allows the user to manually import their employee directory into the here to see field. Either upload manually using our inline editor or in bulk by a CSV import. Employees uploaded to the Shared Here To See Directory will populate across all Buildings and Visitor Types.


Allow lightning fast arrival notifications to send directly to your employees. Visitors will use a populated drop down box to select the person they are here to visit.

What does it do?

How do I use it?

  • From the Workbench, Here To See.

  • Label the Here to see field (Here to see is the default value). This is the test that will display for the visitor on the sign in screen.

  • Select your preferred Name privacy. A stricter settings will prevent visitors from searching your entire employee directory.

  • Click Save to enable your changes.

  • Name lookup is matched to names listed on either the HTS directory OR your LDAP / Active Directory server. Available settings for Name Privacy on HTS are: Match first letter, Match first 3 letters, Match first name, Match last name and Match full name.

Using the Shared Here to See Directory

  • Click the ALL Building and then Shared Here To See Directory.

  • If uploading manually, click the Add button below the table.

  • Fill in the employee's First name, Last name, Email and Phone number.

  • Activate or de-activate the employee from appearing during a search by sliding the button.

  • Click Save to add the employee to your directory.

  • OPTIONAL - To edit or delete a past added employee, click the user's name in the table and navigate the pop up box.

  • If uploading by a CSV file, click the Import button below the table.

  • Click Choose file to browse your computer for a CSV file of your employees.

  • NOTE - The format of the CSV must be in a readable format for the ZAP IN 2 software. To find the appropriate format, add a test user manually to the table and then click the CSV export button.

Adding or deleting multiple employees from the Here to-see directory using CSV

  • First, access your here to see directory, highlight and click the name of the employee you wish to remove.

  • Click Delete.

  • Hit the CSV export button below the directory table and open the downloaded file.

  • At the bottom of the list, input the first name, last name, email address and phone number of the employee you wish to add beginning in column c (under heading "f"). Ensure that column a (titled "id") and column b (titled "a") are left blank only for new employees. This is important as removing the id and a columns for other users may create duplicate entries.

  • Repeat for your remaining employees.

  • Save the file in CSV format and upload back into the here to see directory.

The add-on monthly feature of SMS arrival notifications will send a text message to the phone numbers listed in your here to see directory. Contact SUPPORT for more information!