Differentiate Your Visitors - School

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Automated Reception. Zap!

Handling day-to-day operations

For daily operations, you'll need to keep track of both student and staff attendance and require a different sign in process for each. To ensure a truthful attendance number for your students:

1. Enable photo and signature capture.

2. Request a student ID number.

3. Request a security question to match against your records.

Staff sign in can be little more lenient as it may only be used to keep track of time or arrival/exit or facility managed. To ensure a smooth sign in process for your staff:


1. Upload your staff list to the internal here-to-see directory OR connect LDAP.

2. Enable Pre-Authorized Sign In.

3. Request a custom label field of facility managed. 

The other types of visitors

From time-to-time your school will be visited by different types of users. From contractors to volunteers to people in need of assistance.​ To ensure a smooth sign in process for these types of visitors:

1. Add the employee's email address who is in charge of assisting special needs visitors to the CC for arrival notifications field. When a visitor signs in and needs access assistance, an email will be sent asking for help.

2. Create a NDA or Safety Agreement for contractors who will enter the premises. Be sure to capture both a signature and a photo to stay legally compliant.

3. Set up automatic Badge printing for your volunteers to display on their shirts. This will make certain that your staff and students know the names and position of your volunteers. 

4. Collect an email address, vehicle model and plate number, address and reason for visitor from your unplanned guests. Set a Follow-Up Email to notify them of any particular or special registration instructions.