Emergency Mode

What does it do?

Your iPad will become a critical tool in keeping everyone safe during an emergency. Alert, then monitor your visitor's safety status.  Guide your on-premises personnel to safety by staying in contact with them - using Emergency Mode's communication and status reporting tools.

How do I use it?


  • Navigate to “Settings” and hover over the “Configure” menu to locate Emergency Mode configurations (just under “Printer Configurations”)


  • Toggle the switch located at the top of the menu to enable the Emergency Mode Activation button on the dashboard (must be done separately for “All” pools as well as other pools).


  • To upload an image of the floor plans, click (“Replace file” for now but should be the “Choose File”) button.

  •  Functionality is similar to Badge logo upload


  • Set up the subject line for your emergency evacuation notification.

  • Change the text to edit the body. 

  • The default email body is “This is an Emergency Evacuation. Please see attached files for floor plans to safely exit the building.”

  • Customization functions are similar to Follow up email.

  • Type in the textbox to add an email to be CC’ed. Click “Add” to add an additional email textbox.

  • Functions similarly to “Sign In options”

All-Mode configuration :

  • Enable Emergency Mode: Toggle the switch located at the top of the menu to enable the Emergency Mode Activation for the all pool selection. Turning this on does NOT turn on/off emergency mode for each individual pool, rather, it allows the ALL pool wrapper to enable emergency mode. All pool wrapper and individual pools are separate and exclusive

  • Timezone: Select the timezone All-Mode Reporting will utilize, as all pools typically have no assigned timezone.

  • CC: Type in the textbox to add an email to be CC’ed. Click “Add” to add an additional email textbox. Be sure of the functions to "sign In options".

Activating Emergency Mode (via the dashboard)

  • Click on the “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” button then specify the mode of the emergency (“ACTUAL EMERGENCY”, “DRILL”). 

  • Confirm by clicking “ACTIVATE NOW!”.

  • Upon activation, the page will navigate to the emergency dashboard. 

  • The URL path is /pool id / emergency. The pool id will be “all” if the previous dashboard was all.

  • Activating Emergency Mode will cause the icon next to the pool (on the sidebar) to become a red flashing alarm light icon. 

  • All normal dashboard functionality is suspended and the page is locked in the emergency mode page (settings and dashboard icon buttons on the sidebar are disabled for that pool). 

  • If an emergency is triggered is enabled in “All” mode, all pools experience the effects mentioned above, including All pools tab. 

  • “All” emergency can only be activated on the master account. 

  • The resulting page should be as follows

  • Activating an emergency will send a notification to all visitors still on-premises, in the pool/s in which the emergency is activated in, to the email and/or phone number they provided. Further details below.

  • Activating an emergency should also navigate all iPads in the corresponding pool/s to the emergency screen. Further details below

  • If “all” emergency is activated after individual pools, those individual pool emergencies will then be associated with the “all” emergency (the mode of the individual pool emergencies will be preserved)

  • Activating emergency mode in each pool individually will NOT automatically trigger “all” emergency

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Table functionality

  • There is a “MISSING” and a “SAFE” table. 

  • All visitors still marked as on-premises when the emergency is activated will be marked as “missing” and appear in the “MISSING” table. 

  • Both tables function similarly to the dashboard table. 

  • To see additional information, click the row containing the visitor’s information to expand into a popup card.

  • To change the visitor’s status, tap the icon under their photo in the popup card. The icon specifies their new status and table in which they will be moved. 

  • Changing the visitor’s status and moving them to a different table will result in corresponding changes in the counters at the top of the page.

  • Changes made on this page should update live and propagate to all those using the same account live as well (will not be seen live for subaccounts due to a problem in the socket logic). 

  • Changes made by the visitors themselves remotely should also be seen live (by those on the same user account that activated the emergency).

  • Clicking the contact button opens up a panel that allows admins to click on the telephone or email supplied to instantly get in contact with the visitor.

Administrator Notifications:

  • Master account and any cc’d emails will be sent the following email detailing location and visitors involved regarding the emergency 


  • If the user has the SMS option (soon all users will have SMS included by default so this check will need to be removed) and the visitor provided a phone number, they will be notified via SMS as well

  • The text body is non-customizable

  • The body includes a lobby chat link, mark safe link, and mark help link

Exit Emergency 

  • Click underlined text on the top right of emergency dashboard to exit emergency

  • A confirmation text box will appear

  • If confirmed, the page will navigate back to the dashboard and a new text box appears detailing a short summary of the emergency

  • An administrative email will be sent if confirmed.
    See further details below

  • If the emergency is deactivated in “All” context, all pools will have their corresponding emergencies deactivated (and emails will be sent accordingly)

  • If each pool deactivates their own respective emergencies independently, after the last pool deactivates, the “all” emergency will be deactivated

  • The pool icon will replace the flashing red light icon and the dashboard and setting buttons will be re-enabled after emergency deactivation

  • The iPad should navigate back to the welcome page and activity should resume

  • If the mode was in “drill”, all visitors involved with the emergency will remain signed in

  • If the mode was in “actual emergency” all visitors will be signed out, regardless of status during the emergency.

How does it work on iOS App side?

Emergency Initiation: 

  • If emergency mode is enabled on dashboard configuration, an emergency can be triggered on iPad via 5 taps anywhere on the welcome screen within a 5-second interval

  • A prompt will pop up asking for confirmation regarding entering emergency mode

  • Hitting yes triggers emergency mode, hitting no or anywhere else will return to the welcome screen.

Emergency Mode: 

  • After confirming, entry mode is initiated as seen in the screenshot

  • If a diagram was uploaded via dashboard configuration, tapping on “FLOOR DIAGRAM” will display the image (PNG) 

  • The diagram viewer supports scroll and zoom and can be closed via the x in the top right or clicking anywhere outside the viewer

  • The app is locked and will only return to regular operation after the emergency is deactivated via the dashboard

  • In the bottom right corner is a gear icon that boots the app to the in-app dashboard viewer to allow for mobile deactivation, sign in will be required to ensure security clearance