Differentiate Your Visitors - Multi-Tenant

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Visitor Management Software. Zap!

Handling day-to-day operations

For daily operations, you'll need to keep track of all your employee divisions and require a different sign in process for each. To ensure a trusted sign in process:

1. Split up your internal divisions and choose a name display on the sign in selection screen (finance department, engineering, security personnel, production and operations).

2. Choose an icon and icon color that best represents the division. This is used to quickly distinguish between each visitor type in your web based Dashboard (A factory icon for the production division or a shield for the security division). If none of the default icons work for your Visitor Type you may upload a new one that better suits your needs.

3. Create a custom workflow that best represents the information needed from each division.

4. View and run reports on traffic daily.

Viewing visitor types from the dashboard

Choose both a unique color and icon for each visitor type, that properly separates it from the rest. When visitor records populate the Dashboard, the icon and icon's color will display in the first column. This will allow you to properly monitor, record and keep track of your company's daily traffic.

Click the top bar of the column to sort by Visitor Type or running a specific Visitor Type report to organize the records. 

Add a Shipping/Courier Visitor Type or Express Button to get shipments to the right person, as soon as possible.