What does it do?

Custom Fields

This feature allows the user to present any new, unique custom field to visitors on the sign in screen. Choose which buildings and which visitor types to display the custom fields all from the main web dashboard.   Organize which are optional or mandatory.

How do I use it?

On your Workbench screen:
1.)  Building Selector (dark grey left side panel) - select ALL 
2.)  From the Shared Settings Menu - select Shared Custom Labels -  create all the unique fields and corresponding labels here.  By doing this, these fields will be available to use in any Building or Visitor Type profile you create.  Save.
3.) Building Selector - select a specific building
4.) Visitor Type Selector (light grey -side pull out tab) - select a visitor type
5.) From Fields Menu - select Custom Fields -  you will see all the fields you created earlier under Shared Custom Labels.   Now you can activate the state of the fields you wish to use.    Save.

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