Feature: Notifications

Arrival Notification Emails

ZAP IN sends arrival notification emails alerting you that your visitor has arrived. This including the visitor's location in your building!  ANE's (arrival notification emails) include the visitor's complete sign in information details, time/date of sign in and optional photo. Now you can see who’s waiting to see you!


ANE's can send to specific employees (here-to-see), main reception addresses or both.

University of Washington lobby.jpg

Lobby Chat

Chat live with your visitor!!

Lobby Chat - the ability to video, voice or text chat with your visitor in the lobby.   

Running late?  No problem,  just video chat and let your visitor know you'll be with them in 5 minutes!

Parking Enforcement

Alert your parking enforcement with an automatic email showing your visitor's vehicle make/model, color and plate number.


After sign in, a parking notification will be sent to the enforcer containing only these details.




Follow Up Emails

Automatically send your visitors a follow up email thanking them for their visit.  Send attachments such as meeting notes or promotional material.  


Set up the emails you would like to send,  set the send time (5 minutes after arrival or 3 hours after sign out) and ZAP IN will automatically send them to your visitors. 


Think of all the possibilities to improve your visitor experience!






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