Here To See + Employee Directory

This feature allows the user to manually import their employee directory into the here to see field. Either upload manually using our inline editor or in bulk by a CSV import.


Allow lightning fast arrival notifications to send directly to your employees. Visitors will use a populated drop down box to select the person they are here to visit.

What does it do?

How do I use it?

  • From the Workbench, click Here To See.

  • Label the Here to see field (Here to see is the default value). This is the test that will display for the visitor on the sign in screen.

  • Select your preferred Name privacy. A stricter settings will prevent visitors from searching your entire employee directory.

  • Click Save to enable your changes.

  • Name lookup is matched to names listed on either the HTS directory OR your LDAP / Active Directory server. Available settings for Name Privacy on HTS are: Match first letter, Match first 3 letters, Match first name, Match last name and Match full name.

Using the Here to See Directory

  • If uploading manually, click the Add button below the table.

  • Fill in the employee's First name, Last name, Email and Phone number.

  • Activate or de-activate the employee from appearing during a search by sliding the button.

  • Click Save to add the employee to your directory.

  • OPTIONAL - To edit or delete a past added employee, click the user's name in the table and navigate the pop up box.

  • If uploading by a CSV file, click the Import button below the table.

  • Click Choose file to browse your computer for a CSV file of your employees.

  • NOTE - The format of the CSV must be in a readable format for the ZAP IN 2 software. To find the appropriate format, add a test user manually to the table and then click the CSV export button.

Adding or deleting multiple employees from the Here to-see directory using CSV

  • First, access your here to see directory, highlight and click the name of the employee you wish to remove.

  • Click Delete.

  • Hit the CSV export button below the directory table and open the downloaded file.

  • At the bottom of the list, input the first name, last name, email address and phone number of the employee you wish to add beginning in column c (under heading "f"). Ensure that column a (titled "id") and column b (titled "a") are left blank only for new employees. This is important as removing the id and a columns for other users may create duplicate entries.

  • Repeat for your remaining employees.

  • Save the file in CSV format and upload back into the here to see directory.

The add-on monthly feature of SMS arrival notifications will send a text message to the phone numbers listed in your here to see directory. Contact SUPPORT for more information!






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