What does it do?


How do I use it?

This feature allows a user to generate a report and download it as a CSV or PDF file. Choose a reporting interval, a report type and any advanced queries from this page!

  • From the Workbench, select a Building to run a report for an individual location or All to run a report for all iPads.

  • Click Reports and then Reports.

  • Select your Interval - either Today, This Week, This Month or This Year.

  • Select your Report type - either Visitor report (all visitors), Time tracking report (pre-authorized visitors only) or Visitor Agreement report (all viewed visitor agreements).

  • Create any Advanced Queries such as First Name equals Joe or Vehicle Color Starts with Red.

  • Choose how to sort the report (results will depend on your Report type selection) and your Format - either by PDF or CSV.

  • Click the Download button.

For Time Tracking reports or Visitor Agreement reports, all photos or signatures that were captured will be shown. If both photo capture and signature capture is enabled, then the visitor's photo will take precedence on the displayed report.

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