What does it do?

It helps to have a closed watch on flagged visitors. You can deny entry on the premises or let the premises administrators know about this visitor.  

How do I use it?

To configure this feature, 

  • Navigate to All buildings -> Shared settings. The “Watchlist” 

  • If there’s only one Building, highlight that building, then go to -> Buildings Menu. Select  “Watchlist” 

  • To add a member to your watchlist manually, click the add button and fill as much information as prompted

  • When a visitor found on the watchlist signs in, a discrete email / SMS text alert will be sent to users on the cc list. 

Adding a visitor to the Watchlist is easy!   From your Dashboard,  find the visitor's sign in record,  click to open the record detail pop-up window,  and click on the ADD icon.

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