Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your iPad. Zap! 


iPad Name

ZAP IN arrival notifications use you iPad's name to identify the location from where your visitor signs in or out.    Important for facilities that have multiple ipads.

To name your iPad:

1. Tap your iPad's SETTING app icon.

2. Tap General from the left side menu.

3. Tap About.

4. Change the Name to your preference.

(eg. Toronto Office, Chicago Reception, Main Foyer,  Shipping Door,  etc.)

Email Address

ZAP IN's  Offline mode is an important backup that will allow your arrival notifications to  work - even when ZAP IN servers are offline for maintenance or upgrades.

To add your  valid email to the iPad:

1. Tap on your iPad's SETTINGS app icon.

2. Tap your profile from the left side menu.

3. Tap Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

4. Ensure a valid email is active under CONTACTABLE AT.


Keep your iPad's screen from falling into sleep mode by ensuring Auto-Lock is set to "never".

ZAP IN will run continuously displaying your Welcome screen slideshow for your visitor traffic.

To turn this feature off:

1. Press the home button to go to your iPad's home screen.

2. Tap the Settings icon.

3. Tap Display & Brightness from the left side menu.

4. Tap Auto-Lock and change to Never.


Zap In automatically sounds a success chime after each visitor signs in or out.     

Your iPad's volume controls are located on the right upper side of the iPad.

Should your iPad be in a case or display stand,   volume can also be accessed by swiping up from the bottom edge of your screen.