From the Building Selector Panel on the left hand side of your screen,  ZAP IN shows any device(s) logged into your account. 

Active devices logged in show as GREEN.   To log out any device, simply click/tap the corresponding green icon.

Sometimes, an iPad breaks, is stolen or lost without first logging out of the ZAP IN app. If this is the case, you may incorrectly get this error message when trying to log back into the app from a new iPad.

If you receive a log in error that mentions you don't have sufficient subscription licenses to log in -- no problem!  All devices logged in are shown in green on your Building Selector Panel.   Click the green icons to disconnect devices.

Remove your active sessions in 3 different ways:

  • Clicking the ALL icon will logout all of the devices currently active on the account. Use this for a quick refresh of your active devices.

  • Clicking the house icon will clear all active iPads associated with the currently selected building. Use this to clear the sessions of a particular location

  • Clicking the power button icon under each building will clear the session of an individual iPad. The name of each logged in iPad will show under the associated building.

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Visitor Management System. Zap!