The iPad’s built in forward camera will snap a pic of your visitor during the sign in procedure. Photos are then stored to be displayed on your dashboard's visitor record, badge and Arrival Notification email. 

What does it do?

How do I use it?

Photo Capture

  • From the Workbench, click Photo capture.

  • Select Enable photo capture - slide the circle to the right until it turns green.

  • Select Mandatory if you require a pic for all your visitors. 

  • Select Automatic if you would like to pics to be taken automatically after a 3-2-1 countdown.  Otherwise,  visitors will have to tap the ipad screen to take their own pic.

  • Leave both Mandatory and Automatic off to allow for manual photo capture. Say cheese!

  • Select Save to enable your changes

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Visitor Tracking Software. Zap!

To simplify the sign in process, we recommend leaving Photo Capture to Automatic mode so visitor's don't need to actively tap the camera icon.   Let the app do it for them automatically!