ZAP IN - COOL tips and insights

We are thrilled to debut ZAP IN and the family of applications! We have learned a lot from our initial version SIGN IN and we thank our customers for their great feedback along the way-- we love hearing from our family of worldwide users! ZAP IN is much more robust and offers more functionality as a visitor registry. For example, a free companion product called ZAPPER is available for all your visitors to simply wirelessly transmit their log book data from their iPhones (soon Android phones) to instantly sign in.

With the release of ZAP IN, we would like to also provide you with some COOL tips and insights regarding the revolutionary automated sign in process:

  • Apple provides the ‘Apple Guided Mode’, in the accessibility settings of the iPad. This feature can lock an iPad down so only your selected application runs. This allows a smoother operating experience and keeps everything else secure.

  • Go to your Settings

  • Click on the General tab

  • Click on Accessibility

  • Click on ‘Guided Access’ under the Learning title

  • An easy way to remove the Email Prompt function: is to NOT use the email field, but rather rename a custom field to EMAIL, and you won’t see the “send me a sign in app info” prompt.

  • Play music for your guests while they sign in and wait for you to greet them.

  • Multiple iPad’s running ZAP IN at various doors/locations within your company can share one database.

  • ZAP IN offers tech. support through our website.

  • ZAP IN will be compatible on Android services soon.

  • ZAP IN will have a SMS/Text messaging option later this Spring.

  • We will continue to support SIGN IN, on Apple’s iOS 7 platform until Apple updates to iOS 8.

We hope you enjoy ZAP IN and all of its application verticals to meet your front end business need!. We also encourage you to continue engaging with us via social media or through our web tech. support. Again, we are thrilled to have such great customers who have made us the #1 business application!


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