ZAP IN automates front desk sign-in function.

Rose Simone, The Record

There are now 6,000 installs of Zap In, sold through software licences, around the world. It's available in English, Spanish and French and is being translated into other languages for the Scandinavian market.

"We place in the top 100 grossing apps in 21 countries around the world," Corso said.

Zap In can be bought through iTunes for the iPad; this week, it is launching on the Google Play Android platform for Android tablets.

The company is launching a companion product called Zapper that can be downloaded onto iPhones and Android phones. Zapper allows people to instantly connect to the tablet at the 'front desk' at a conference or meeting, for example, and "zap in" their information without typing it in.

Corso said preschools in the United States where parents have to sign their children in and out are a big market for a Zap In. That version has a field to electronically capture the parents' signatures. It gives the school a record of attendance and a record of who picked up the child at the end of the day.

Zap In can also do photo capture, making it possible for a badge with the person's photo, name and company information to be printed at a conference.

The company just finished a job for a movie set security company in Hollywood. When 400 people show up on a movie set, the security company must keep track of people and protect against unauthorized videos or photos, Corso said.

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