ZAP IN: Standard Version vs. Full Version

Updated: Sep 2

Not sure what version of ZAP IN visitor registry is right for you? This will help make your decision much easier!

Visitor Agreements:

The Visitor Agreement for the Standard version allows you to enter your agreement and present it either upon sign in or sign out. The Visitor Agreement feature on the Full version allows you to track the agreement signed. What does this mean? The date a visitor signed the agreement will be tracked and if the agreement is revised, the re-visitor(s) will be requested to re-read and sign the revised version.

Employee/Priority Group Check-in With Time Tracking:

This feature is only available on the Full version of ZAP IN. This feature works as a modern punch clock, as employee's are time tracked with tallied hours. A separate button is located on the initial sign in screen that allows employees to check in and out separately from regular visitors. The employee records are displayed on the visitor list, but are highlighted in blue to differentiate from a visitor. Further, to avoid the issue of 'Buddy Punching', you can activate the Signature and Photo Capture features.

VIP Check-in:

This feature is also only available on the Full version. This feature is perfect if you are expecting guests in advance. You can check-in these guests against a list of valid attendees. You have the ability to load a list and have an additional button on the Welcome Screen allowing these sub-groups (ex. VIP's, members, etc.) to check-in.

Sign Out Options:

If you have visitors that are on premise for more than one day or if your facility is open for 24 hours a day, then the Full version sign out options will be very helpful.

You can customize the sign out procedure:

  • Increase Privacy/Security Setting --> Different sign in name matching options (first letter to full name)

  • Option to remove sign out button

  • Option for multi-day visits, with manual counter wheel reset

Arrival Notification Emails (ANE):

This feature is available on both versions but differ in the way the emails travel to their destination. With the Standard version, emails are routed quickly through ZAP IN's robust, fast and reliable email servers, and delivered to your staff quickly. The Full version allows you to configure your own email server.


The Standard version of ZAP IN has a powerful custom query tool to write your own reports. The Full version has the built in convenience of auto reporting. This means you can set up reports automatically and have them exported based on your required frequency (daily, weekly, monthly etc.).

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