ZAP IN: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many questions regarding ZAP IN can be answered fairly easily. ZAP IN is a newer product, and like any new product, there will be some unfamiliarity when using it until it becomes mainstream. Below are common questions and solutions to questions our customer's are asking.

How do I configure the iPad for ZAP IN?

You can configure the iPad by following these steps:

  • When first launching the app, ensure you activate 'Location Services'

  • Go to iPad 'Settings', then click on, 'Mail, Contacts and Calender' and add your email account

  • If iCloud is enabled for multiple iPads, ensure that all iPads are showing the same (ex: Trial, Standard or Full) to avoid any syncing issues.

How do I view a signature of a person who has signed into the app?

You can do this in two ways:

  • Tap on the counter wheel on the admin screen and then tap on a name.


  • Go to the admin screen and tap on the 'Reports' drop down menu. Choose your report you want and export/email it as a CSV or PDF file. You will receive a detailed report of visitors signing in/out of your premisses for the date/time parameters you selected. This report will also contain other information as well, such as photos.

How do I add an Admin email?

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the admin screen and touch the 'Design' tab drop down menu.

  • Touch the 'Admin Email' tab and type the appropriate email and tap 'OK'

How do I remove an email prompt?

The way to remove the Email Prompt is to NOT use the 'EMAIL' field, but rather rename a custom field to EMAIL. This will eliminate the “Send me ZAP IN app info” prompt.

I have not received my email, is there a lag time?

Some users may experience a time lag with emails because of the time it takes to go through your internal email servers. This is usually because of the attachment of the visitor photo being scanned by the internal virus scanner. Ensure that incoming emails from your servers are on the trusted sources list to expedite this process.

What are the printer settings?

A minimum width of 2.78in and a minimum height of 1.81.

Portrait size: Maximum width is 8.5in and height of 11in.

Landscape: Maximum width of 11in and a height of 8.5in

Also, ensure that the size of the paper rolls inside the badge printer matches the size of the badges to be printed.

Why am I having trouble printing?

We have discovered a good printing solution for the iOS platform. A product called the XPRINTSERVER by the company LANTRONIX works great! It hooks up to your wireless router to enable easy wifi printing. The printer we recommend is the BROTHER QL-700.

Where can I get iPad stands?

You can purchase iPad stands from a company called MONITORS IN MOTION.

Where is the LDAP located?

You can locate the LDAP feature under the 'Design' tab on the admin screen.

How do I change the location field?

Go to the 'Setup' tab on the admin screen and touch 'Here To See'. Then update the last field on the screen (iPad Location: ex: Back Door)

For the full list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ's page:!faq/c1sgj

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