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From Sign In to ZAP IN

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

You may have noticed that we first began our journey to provide an automated reception app that will give all reception areas a 'face lift' with Sign In. Sign In took off around the world, which confirmed our theory that there is a demand and space for automating the reception process. It was then only logical to make Sign In even better. We began by branding Sign In to ZAP IN. Further, we began (and still are) releasing different applications for different industry verticals (offices, schools, medical institutions, gyms, production sets etc.) and 'beefed' up the features on the applications. Below are the features on Sign In and the additional features now available on ZAP IN:

Sign In:

  • Photo Capture & Signature Capture

  • Visitor Agreements

  • Arrival Email Notifications

  • Badges


  • Badges

  • Customizable slideshows/welcome screen and the information you collect from visitors

  • Photo Capture & Signature Capture

  • Arrival Notification Emails

  • Reports & Data Export Capabilities (Including photo's and signatures)

  • Two types of Visitor Agreements

  • Vehicle Parting Notification Emails

  • Time Tracker

  • Employee Import

  • Follow up Emails

  • Remote Dashboard

  • An assortment of sign out options

Coming soon:

  • In/Out White Board

  • Questionnaires/Survey Tools

We also created two versions of ZAP IN (Standard & Full) to cater to the different needs of businesses. You have the option to try out ZAP IN on a two week trial period. This trial allows you to try the Full subscription in which you can base your final decision on. There is also the option for pre-pay subscriptions (find out more about these by calling 1-519-804-2236 or read about them here). Sign In is still currently available on the iTunes store, however, it will be phased out once iOS 8 is released. ZAP IN is available on the iTunes store and the Google Play store.

Download today!

--> iTunes

--> Google Play


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