Are you getting the most out of ZAP IN 2? New Feature Tip Sheets

Work life is busy. Sometimes your software sits there with untapped benefits. Who can keep up? To help out, ZAP IN has created TIP SHEETS - clear, simple and easy 1 pagers to make sure you're getting the most out of your software.

​Check out:

-Unattended Mode - One-touch express sign-in for walk in visitors.

-Badges - Customize the look of all visitor badges. Options include adding a company logo, a visitor photo, a title bar and printing in black, white ​or​ red.​ ​

-Visitor Agreements - Display an agreement, NDA or visitor policy. Not just for agreements... use for displaying safety, training or promotional videos.​

-Follow Up Emails - Create and send follow up email​s to your visitors.​

Find these ​on your ​HELP CENTER.

Wes @ ZAP IN