Visitor Types - Unlimited Workflows, Policy and Ultimate Flexibility

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Reception has changed. You may need to handle a variety of visitors such as; contractors, couriers, guests, employees, job-seekers, V.I.P’s and even your family pet, Rex!

Here’s the deal, your organization gets all sorts of visitors. So how do you handle them? Each visitor requires a different sign in procedure and now ZAP IN let’s you create a unique sign in procedure for each type. For example, Contractors may be required to read and sign a declaration of safety training compliance and wear access badges with a name and photo, while your employees sign in by simply entering the first three letters of their name. A third visitor type can be a VIP Guest. Their visits can be expedited by preloading your VIP guest list and having a pre-printed badge ready and waiting. A fourth visitor type, Access Assistance, can aid visitors needing assistance with mobility issues.

On the dashboard, keeping track of each visitor type is easy by displaying clearly identified icons. Additionally, with a simple glance, get a real-time count of any visitors on-premises - an important feature for complying to Fire Safety & Evacuation regulations.

New reporting filters offer data grouping of visitors by type.

We are very excited about this feature. For ultimate flexibility to any reception requiring simple, secure and reliable software. Even if your visitor’s name is Rex!

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