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Our top 5 favorite iPad stands for 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

iPad stands have come a long way! Some are so ingenious that it is hard to tell that an iPad is even inside. We constantly talk to our users and scour the world of leading iPad enclosure manufacturers to assess the best in design, quality and overall value. Here is our list of top 5 favorite iPad stands for 2020!

#5 - Swing that iPad over here! We love this stand for quality and maneuverability. Stands can come equipped with holders that lock your iPad securely. iPads that then be placed at the perfect height and angle. These units are made by Monitors-In-Motion but similar move-able arm-based holders are available from EVETRON as well.

#4 - Inexpensive price with expensive quality makes this stand the best in value. For approx. $40 US on Amazon - this enclosure keeps your iPad safe and secure. Strong steel construction makes this a must-have for schools or environments where practical is a must!

#3 - Armodilo’s Sphere – bright colors, modern design and great quality all contribute to a fun and stylish stand ideal for most spaces.

#2 - Armodilo’s ALUR – sophisticated, stylish and amazing quality. It’s the best for free-standing pedestal stands. We love it for its looks and price. This stand starts at approx. $1000 US and comes with a custom-printed magnetic skin that makes it easy to fit in perfectly.

#1 - Custom Wall – now this takes ingenuity to a whole new level. So simple - so cool. This user simply mounted their ipad enclosure in the wall, then covered it with their favorite wall covering. We love their custom sign hanging over the iPad – alleviating any confusion visitors may have. Can’t be more precise then “Please sign in”. This solution wins for ingenuity and simplicity. We love it!

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