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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The latest version of iVenuto ZAP IN visitor sign in is loaded with the most innovative features in any visitor sign-in available. ZAP IN ensures you have the best visitor management tools for fun visitor experiences while protecting both you and your visitor!

ZAP IN APP Visitor Management

The Voice AI

Imagine your office sign-in system is so advanced that it can talk to your visitors! The new version is embedded with artificial intelligence to guide your visitors through signing in without a single keystroke.

ZAP IN APP Voice AI Visitor Management

ZAP IN’s Voice AI feature can recognize names and other commands given by your visitors. Enter your own voice script preferences and content -- allowing for a personal, unique experience. Prompt cues support multiple scripts read out randomly ensuring no visitor hears the same routine!

The Emergency Mode

ZAP IN v4.0 also comes with: Emergency Mode - leveraging the most advanced technology to coordinate orderly, informed and thorough evacuations. This feature sends alerts to everyone that signs in - then it opens channels of communication - so that everyone can report in when they’re safe. If assistance is needed the feature lets emergency staff know that too.

ZAP IN APP Emergency evacuations

Alerts can include your evacuation floor plan diagram - so that critical safety information gets to everyone’s fingertips exactly when needed.

Practice drill status ensures that everyone knows the best routine for a fast evacuation. And when all are safe it instantly produces summaries of the incident for management to monitor and improve overall plans.

The Watchlist Feature

And there’s more, ZAP IN v4 also includes a Watchlist feature. It helps you keep a close watch on flagged visitors. Discrete notifications are sent to management or security personnel whenever a flagged visitor sign’s in. It’s a flexible and important tool in the effort to monitor at any time who’s on-premises.

ZAP IN APP Watchlist feature

To give any of these features a try - download iVenuto ZAP IN visitor sign in app from your iTunes App store and receive a free, no obligation, 15 day trial!



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