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How do I use it?

Sign In Options

This feature is used to set up all of your various sign in options including the CC for arrival email addresses, the sign in button label, font and theme colors and the ability to use a third button for employee sign in (pre-authorized sign in).

  • From the Workbench, click Sign in options.

  • Fill in the CC email addresses for arrival notifications. The address(es) listed here will each receive a copy of the visitor alerts.

  • Choose what to display on the Sign in button label (Sign In is the default selection)

  • Choose the Font, Font size and Theme color of the sign in screen. This is the page where visitors will supply their information.

  • OPTIONAL - Enable Pre-authorized sign in to show a third button on the welcome screen for your employees listed in the Here to see directory. (available on a full subscription only)

  • OPTIONAL - Fill in the Button label of this third button. By default we have named this "Employee's Only" (available on a full subscription only)

  • Select Save to submit your changes.

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