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Sign Out Options

This feature allows the user to create unique sign out options for their software. Choose an automatic sign out time to clear all on-premises visitors, display or remove the sign out button, create a name match privacy and manually force sign out all from this section!

  • From the Workbench, click Sign out options.

  • Choose an Automatic sign out time from the drop down menu. This is the time where all visitors currently on the premises will be signed out. By default, the time selected is Midnight.

  • Choose the Label for the Sign Out button and be creative! (Sign out is the default selection)

  • Select a Name privacy option from the drop down menu. Use a stricter setting to prevent visitors from seeing the other people currently on the premises.

  • Select Save to enable your changes.

  • OPTIONAL - Click the Force Sign Out button to immediately sign out all of the visitors currently active in your dashboard. Great for conferences and/or meetings when large amounts of people leave at once. (only available on full subscriptions)

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Visitor Management Software. Zap!

For companies that run 24 hours a day, turn the Automatic sign out time to off. This will prevent any visitors from being signed out automatically.