How will you ZAP IN?

February 5, 2014

As we roll out our ZAP IN visitor registry applications for tablets, we are also releasing a companion mobile phone application called ZAPPER. ZAPPER is a free mobile application on both iOS and Android devices. The benefits of ZAPPER are two fold.  Firstly, the application is free to use and download. Secondly, its convenience allows you to sign in without having to manually input your data into the tablet at the reception desk.


The phone application is simple and easy to use. You fill in your information (first and last name etc..) when you first download the application and your set to ZAP IN. The ZAPPER icon turns from red (when not connected) to yellow (when it's searching for the nearest ZAP IN tablet) to green (when you are connected) to allow you to sign in.


Printing a badge/name tag? No problem!  Use your ZAPPER to ZAP IN and then approach the receptionist to pickup your badge, simple.


Going to an event, such as a conference? Use your ZAPPER to ZAP IN and avoid line-ups and allow you to go straight to your seat or booth.


So, the only question left to ask will you ZAP IN?








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