Master Account - The email address that governs all account privileges, settings and visitor data. To change this email address, please contact

Account Status - The current standing of your account. Can be displayed as Active or Not Active. Active accounts are valid profiles in the system and can be used to access the Dashboard with or without a subscription. Non-Active accounts are expired profiles that haven’t been used for an extended period of time.

Subscription Status - The current standing of your subscription. Can be Active or Expired. An Expired subscription is one that has failed the renewal invoicing period. An Active subscription is one that is valid and in good standing.

Sub-Accounts - This is the number of non-master accounts that have been created for other users that log into the ZAP IN Dashboard and app. Clicking on this field will take you to the Sub-account page which will allow you to create, edit or modify any of these profiles.

iPad Licenses - This is the amount of iPads that can be used with the account at any given time.

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iPad Licenses (next period) - This is the number of iPads that can be used during your next renewal / invoicing period (next month or next year depending on the chosen payment interval).

Feature Plan - Your current subscription plan, which will determine the ZAP IN features that you have access to. Can be either Standard or Full. Each subscription plan offers a different set of features. View the differences HERE.

Feature Plan (next period) - Your subscription plan for the next period, if changed. (Example: If you upgraded from the Standard plan to the Full plan, Full will be shown in this field).

Payment Interval - Your renewal terms. Can be either Monthly or Yearly. Monthly subscriptions renew on the same calendar date each month. Yearly subscriptions renew on the same day of the initial subscription purchase. Yearly payment intervals are given a discounted rate (10% for one year,13% for two years and 25% for three years).

Payment Interval (next period) - Your renewal terms for the next invoicing period. (Example: If you changed from a Monthly to a Yearly plan, your next payment interval would state Yearly).

Valid Through - The expiry date of your subscription. Subscriptions will be active until the date shown here.

Renewal - Will show whether or not you have a continuing subscription. Can be either Automatic or Off. An Automatic subscription will renew effortlessly and keep your ZAP IN active.

Next Invoicing Date - This is when you will receive the next invoice or receipt of payment. Wire Transfers will receive a notice of renewal 10 days before the subscription period end date.

Cost Per License - How much you are being charged per active subscription license. Rates are determined based on your feature plan (either Standard or Full) and your payment interval terms (Monthly, Yearly, Two Years or Three Years).

Optional Add-Ons - Your current additional features, if any, for the entire account. Add SMS Arrival Notifications using this button.

Payment Method - How you have chosen to pay for your ZAP IN subscription. Terms can be purchased by Credit Card, Wire Transfer or Cheque. Choose the option that is easiest for your organization.

Credit Card - If applicable, this is the Credit Card that we have on file for your account. No Credit Card will be shown on Wire Transfer payments however, a Credit Card will be needed if the SMS Arrival Notification add-on is to be applied.

View Invoice History - Generate a list of all previous invoices for the account. Download all or choose an individual link to create a PDF version of the receipt.