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Troubleshooting Email and Alerts

Email Whitelisting

People may experience lost, unsent or a time lag with notification, password reset and account creation emails because of the spam filtering process of your internal email server and virus scanners. 

If an email has been sent but is missing from your inbox:

  1. Please verify the correct email address is being used

  2. Please check your spam / junk email folders

  3. Please ensure that incoming emails from ZAP IN mail servers are on the trusted sources list. 

Here are the specific emails to WHITELIST or ALLOW:
arrivalFrom: Visitor Arrival <>
badgesFrom: Badge Delivery <>
vehicleFrom: Vehicle Parking <>
reportsFrom: Visitor Reports <>
agreementFrom: Visitor Agreement <>

"SMS": "+18588003639" - ZAP IN originator phone # that will send your SMS arrival notifications.

ZAP IN has purchased dedicated IP addresses to send notification emails with increased speed and deliverability. Please whitelist the following IP addresses to ensure there is no delay or spam filtering of the arrival notifications.


Lobby Chat

Some internal email servers will deny notifications and classify them as phishing emails due to the Lobby Chat links in the body.


If email notifications are suddenly not appearing in your inbox and all of the white-listing instructions have been applied, disabling the Lobby Chat feature will allow these notifications to send. To do so:

  1. Log into your web based DASHBOARD.

  2. Click the corresponding Building from the left hand side.

  3. Click the Workbench (Gear Icons)

  4. Hove over Fields and select Here to See.

  5. Disable Lobby Chat.

  6. Click SAVE.