Visitor Agreements

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Reception Kiosk. Zap!

This feature displays an agreement, NDA or visitor policy for guests before they enter the premises. These documents can be displayed with an accompanied diagram and/or video. Enable Signature Capture to time/date stamp the agreement with the visitor's signature.

What does it do?

How do I use it?

  • From the WORKBENCH, click Visitor Agreement.

  • From the text editor window,  enter the content of your document by clipping and pasting an existing document or by typing in the content directly. 

  • To modify the text format (bold, justification, font size, italicize) ,  select the text and choose from the pop-up toolbar.

  • Click Enable on Sign In.

  • Attach copy of agreement to arrival notification emails - Enable to have the agreement attached to the arrival notifications

  • Optional: Provide an email address to receive all agreements.

  • Click Save

Using the inline Visitor agreement text editor

  • Agreement title - Enter the name of your document.

  • Agreement version - Each time an existing document is modified, in any way,  ZAP IN will automatically change the version number of your document.   

  • Include video - Enter a Youtube URL link. Show safety videos to your construction and warehouse guests to avoid incident occurrence.

  • Display diagram - Upload a .JPG or .PNG image to display on the agreement page. Show evacuation diagrams or layout plans here.

  • To insert your visitor information into your document,  insert  field identifiers.  The following visitor fields can be used: name, date, company, email, address and country.  NOTE: be sure to include the { } brackets around each field name.

To disable version control and require a visitor to sign a document each and every time they sign in, go to the Sign in options screen and disable the Re-visitors feature.

When creating your Visitor agreement in the text editor, highlight a string of text to bring up the editor toolbar. With this menu you can bold, italicize, underline, align and increase the size of the font!