Feature: Data Privacy

Multiple locations, multiple iPads

Many doors? Many areas to access or leave? ZAP IN writes to our secure ZAP IN Cloud allowing all of your tablets to sync to the same data.


Have a visitor sign in at the main entrance and sign out at another exit.

Privacy for You and Your Visitors

Keep your visitor’s information private.  Paper books allow other visitors to see information they should not see. 


ZAP IN makes visitor information legible, searchable, and private. 

Reports and Data Export

Option to view or download reports in PDF or CSV format and a powerful search feature to allow reports by any date range.


Full subscription includes Report Attendent to automatically send your report or data file on any prescribed date frequency (ie: daily, weekly or monthly).

Remote dashboard, centralized controls

Watch all the visitor activity from your laptop or computer (PC or MAC). The dashboard provides instant visibility into real-time visitor traffic. 


Control all of your tablets and set them up here.  See combined visitor data or pinpoint the traffic from just one. This dashboard is flexible, intuitive and easy to use.






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