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Amys Gift
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Amy's Gift

Edinshire, United Kingdom. Amy’s Gift has a small office environment but at certain times of the year, it is full of volunteers.  The office enjoys having ZAP IN's guest management system at the front desk so they can track working hours of volunteers (often local students volunteer and hours are tracked for school requirements). Staff are then able to provide letters to the schools with total volunteer hours for each specific student.


They are also able to track donations that are brought into the office as they have customized a field for visitors to enter in the description of their donation. There have been instances where they had to track donations back to the donor and it was very simple with their ZAP IN reports. They commented that it would have been next to impossible to do so prior to their deployment of ZAP IN. 

visitor management software, neverprofit

Favourite Features:

Reports & Data Export
Employee Time Tracking
Photo Capture
Sign Out Options
digital receptionist, electronic sign in system
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