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ZAP IN Quick Start Guide

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Choose configuration

View visitors by building  or  by iPad.

Buildings can have multiple iPad displaying an aggregate visitor tally count  -- ideal for multiple facility companies,  campuses or school board districts.


Or, if you prefer to see your visitor data per individual iPad, then make sure to list each iPad on the blue left-hand margin menu.

Dashboard Navigation

Click on any of the three counter boxes to display the results on the table below.

Any visitor on-premises will display with a colored icon of your choosing.

All visitor data displayed on this table can be downloaded as a .pdf report or .csv data file.

Modify your account and subscription information from this area

Use the FIND field to search any data on the table.

Select any item from this menu to display corresponding visitor data.

Select any date range to display visitors within that range.

Click on WORKBENCH to navigate to the setup and configure screen.

Click on any visitor record to see an expanded pop-up view.

Anytime this button turns green, it indicates a change has been made, and must be saved.

Any changes made while on the Wokbench can be applied to an individual item (highlighted) or to "All".

Create Reports.

Activate and select preferences for these features.

Add of modify data fields displayed to your visitors as they sign in.

Activate and select preferences for these features.

Step 1:   Log in to your account

Step 2:   Select the building (or iPad)

Step 3:   You are ready,  sign in!