This feature allows the user to create an unlimited amount of Visitor Types with unique sign in procedures for each.


Create a custom workflow for the sign in process quickly and easily by accessing the Visitor Type panel from the Workbench.

What does it do?

How do I use it?

Visitor Types

  • From the Workbench, click the right arrow of the slider panel.

  • Click Add Visitor Type.

  • Type the name of this Visitor Type in the Visitor Type Label box (example - Student or Contractor)

  • Select the Icon and Icon Color to display on the Visitor Type selection screen. iVenuto ZAP IN comes pre-equipped with 19 common icons to use for each Visitor Type. Upload your own by clicking Browse and selecting a thumbnail. (Supported file formats are .jpg and .png, has a max file size of 4mb with a 64 pixels x 64 pixels image size)

  • Optional - Enable Pre-Authorized Mode to force a name match with users inputted into the Visitor Type's Here To See Directory. For more information, visit THIS PAGE.

  • Click Save to enable your changes.

Configuring multiple Visitor Types.

All settings under Fields and Set Up can be customized for each individual Visitor Type. For a unique directory of a certain Visitor Type:

  • Select your Building, your Visitor Type then Here To See Directory.

  • Enter the users specific to the current Visitor Type. (Employees, volunteers, contractors, students, teachers etc.)

  • Optional - Select your Building, your Visitor Type then LDAP Search

  • Enter the Search Base path to the folder of your users specific to the current Visitor Type.

  • Click Save to enable your changes.

For a customized sign in page for each individual Visitor Type:

  • Select your Building, your Visitor Type then Contact Information.

  • Select Optional, Mandatory or Off for each Information field. These fields can also be renamed.

  • NOTE - The three fields located under Contact Information Fields can be renamed but only work properly for their intended purpose. The Email and Phone fields have format validation. Data received in the Company / Organization field will show on all visitor printed Badges.

Tips to get the most from ZAP IN & your Visitor Management Software. Zap!

Settings changed under the Configure section of the Workbench will pertain to the entire Building selected. Features such as Printer Configuration, Welcome Screen Image and Sign Out Options apply to all Visitor Types.