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ANE's with Lobby Chat

ZAP IN sends arrival notification emails alerting you that your visitor has arrived. These notifications contain the visitor's location in your building. ANE's include the visitor's complete sign in information details and an optional photo. Now you can see who’s waiting to see you and check in! Also included is Lobby Chat - the ability to video, voice or text chat with your visitor in the lobby. Running late? No problem,  just video chat and let your visitor know you'll be with them in a minute!

You have the option of sending these notifications by email and / or SMS text.


Privacy for you and your visitors

Who has visited your building?  Keep your visitor’s information private.  Paper books allow other visitors to see information they should not see. Not a modern guest book.


ZAP IN makes visitor information legible, searchable, and private. So much more so than a typical sign in sheet. 


You Decide:

 - Your Welcome screen message, font style and colour.

 - The information you collect for each visitor.

 - Play a slideshow to display your own product photos or logos.

 - Add your logo to Badges​.

 - The language and script of your Voice AI.

Then you can ZAP!


Multiple locations, multiple tablets

Many doors? Many areas to access or leave? ZAP IN writes to our secure ZAP Cloud allowing all of your tablets to sync to the same data. Have a visitor sign in at the main entrance and sign out at another exit!



Repeat visitors don’t have to enter the same data with each visit. ZAP IN remembers them.


This feature can be disabled if not required. If not, Zap on!

Visitor Agreements

Upon sign in, or sign out, a popup screen presents your access-to-premises agreement. Typically, these are Liability Waivers, however, this feature will let you enter any custom agreement. Each visitor will need to tap “I Accept” in order to be granted access on the ZAPIN app. The features includes enhanced agreements that tracks: agreement sign date, version, adendums and signature capture. If an agreement is modified, our visitor management software will present this new agreement for agreement the next time a visitor arrives. Agreements can include links to videos and / or diagrams for safety training compliance. 

Time Tracking for Employees

It’s a modern punch clock! Employee sign in tracking with tallied hours.  


A separate button on the sign in screen allows employees to check in and check out, it's a modern check in app! Employee records are displayed on the visitor list but are highlighted blue to differentiate from a visitor.  In order to stop 'buddy punching', activate the SIGNATURE & PHOTO capture feature.


Also, ability to view reports sorted by visitors of any subgroup (i.e. members, crew, VIP’s) listing their sign in/out date and times. No more need for a sign in sheet!


Photo Capture & Signature Capture

Capture signatures at sign in and/or at sign out. Using just a finger or stylus, ZAP IN captures your visitor’s signature right on the touch screen! Signatures are time and date stamped.


Capture a picture of each visitor. Photo capture can be manual or set for complete unattended automatic operation. The tablet’s built-in camera now takes a photo of each of your visitors. Badges will not only show name and company, but the photo also. Each photo is time and date stamped and stored with the visitor’s record if verification is ever required.


Badges & Printers

Badges display current date, visitor’s name, visitors company and your logo. If photo capture is active, then the visitor’s picture will also be displayed. ZAP IN includes an integrated printer driver for fully automatic printing without visitor intervention. The badges fly out quickly and are ready to be worn on adhesive labels. A fully comprehensive virtual receptionist!



Brother QL-720 NW --thermal label printer, requires no ink. Black & White only.

Brother QL-810 W - thermal label printer,  Black, White & Red printing 

Brother QL-820 NWB  - thermal label printer,  Black, White & Red printing

*For color badges, ZAP IN emails a pdf of the badge to print on your network color printer.


Offline Mode

Technological interruptions can happen when your WIFI goes down.   That's no problem - ZAP IN will automatically switch to Offline Mode and your visitor won't know there is any issue. You can zap no matter the internet status! Signing in will work like normal. When WIFI gets re-enabled,  ZAP IN will simply synchronize your visitor records and your dashboard will accurately reflect your day's visitor activity, just as any reception kiosk should.


Parking Enforcement

Alert your parking enforcement with an automatic email showing the visitor's vehicle information and plate number.

ZAP IN prides itself on doing things of this nature that no typical sign in sheet or guest book could do, all streamlined. 


LDAP / Active Directory

Sync your employee names and their corresponding emails to the “Arrival Notification Email” list through the LDAP feature. Say goodbye to the access log! LDAP / Active Directory sync lets you import or update employee profile information including staff pictures.



Reports & Data Export

Option to view or email reports in PDF format.  Powerful search feature to allow reports by any date range.  Option to export data in .CSV file format or directly to Apple CONTACTS. Virtual reception taken to another level.

Full subscription includes Report Attendant to automatically send your report or data file on any prescribed date frequency (ie: daily, weekly or monthly).


Zap In For Multi-Tenant Buildings

Its common to share a reception with many small and medium business.  Or perhaps your large office has multiple departments. This is not a problem for ZAP IN.     

This feature allows you to add different business units each with their own sign in requirements and each with their own employee / member directory. Forget a typical sign in sheet here.  

Upon signing in, visitors will be prompted to select which business they are here for, and the appropriate arrival notification will be sent. A perfect fit for multi-tenant spaces!


Sign Out Options

Do your visitors or employees stay on-premises for more then one day? Is your facility open 24 hours? This option lets you customize the sign out proceedure. 


It includes:

  • Increased Privacy /Security Setting: Name match from first letter only to complete full name.

  • Option to remove sign out button.

  • Option for multi-day visits with a manual counter wheel reset.


Remote Dashboard

Watch all of the visitor activity from your laptop or computer (PC or MAC). The dashboard provides instant visibility into real-time visitor traffic. Control all of your tablets and set them up here with our all-encompassing sign in app.  See your visitor data in aggregate of all iPads or pinpoint the traffic from just one.  This dashboard is flexible, intuitive and easy to use; leading the way in automated reception.


Follow-up Emails

Automatically send your visitors an email thanking them for their visit.  Send attachments like meeting minutes or promotions, all from your automated reception system!


Set up the emails you would like to send, set the send time (like 5 minutes after arrival or 3 hours after signing out) and ZAP IN will automatically send them to all your visitors. Think of all the possibilities to improve your visitor experience! Zap on!



Auto Reports

Create a report, and select; daily, weekly or monthly and Zap In will do the rest.

Reports can be automatically emailed to single or multiple users on any schedule you would like.

This is a key feature that helps streamline your internal workflows, and one of the main features we built our visitor tracking software to accentuate.


Visitor Type

This flexible feature allows you to set up different visitor profiles, each with their own unique sign in requirements. Contractors can sign in providing certification details and signing access waivers, while regular visitors enter more simple information and send arrival alerts to their host. The combination of functionality is limitless!

This features also includes Pre-Authorized mode -- requiring visitors to match your list of approved entrants.   

Great for: employee sign in, VIP's needing express sign in, students, volunteers, crew, memberships, etc!

To ensure your work environment meets Accessibility regulations, make sure to include a "Access Assist" profile for visitors requiring mobility or assistance during their visit. Leave the access log behind!


SMS Text - Arrival Notifications

This option allows you to send the "Arrival Notifications" by email and/or text.  

Arrival notications sent the way you prefer. Both options are fast and simple!


This option is only available in the following countries:

Canada, USA, European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

www zap in 



ZAP IN is fully translated into:

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

It also supports international characters so visitors can enter their names in any language. Most of the field labels in ZAP IN are able to be re-named allowing you to customize them in your own language. Let's see a sign in sheet do that! Zap!


Secure Clouded Servers & Encrypted Data

At ZAP IN,  we take the privacy and security of your visitor data very seriously. The trust you place in us to use the highest level of data protection and sophisticated protocols is of paramount concern. It's part of the reason why you're choosing a virtual receptionist over a typical sign in sheet or access log. 


For this reason,  we use the highest possible level of modern clouded server infrastructure protected with SSL (256 bit) encryption protocols, 2 factors authentication (Bank industry level) and sophicated password administration (Hash Standard PBKDF2).


Emergency Evacuation

ZAP IN contains visitor on-premises counts in the event of an emergency building evacuation. Emergency services will ask for a head count of all employees and visitors to ensure that all are present and accounted for. ZAP IN makes providing an accurate head count of your visitors very easy. ZAP IN keeps a running total of everyone on premises. The data is stored on your tablet and on your web based dashboard. Could a typical sign in sheet or access log do that? Zap!

In the event of an Emergency:

1.) Take the tablet and leave the building to a safe area.  You also have the option to access the evacuation list from your web based dashboard.

2.) Tap on the red counter wheel for an instant report of all visitors on-premises.

3.) Notify Fire Department personnel with a head count.​



Unattended Mode

Sometimes visitors drop by without appointments, or couriers show up. What then?   

Zap In has a "Ring bell for Service" feature which can display a series of express buttons;

  • Courier

  • My First Day

  • Can I speak to someone

  • Apply for a Job

  • Student Pick Up

  • Please help me

Express buttons are large graphics that sends notifications (email and/or SMS text) to the appropriate contact(s). Zap!