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Steamboat Sk8 Church

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA.  Steamboat Sk8 Church is currently using the app to check in the kids when they come in, whether it’s for drop-in skate time or an evening meeting. By year’s end we will use the reports for statistics on numbers of kids and numbers of different kids attending our programs.

Michele says: “The beauty of this system for us is that the kids use it!!! It was like pulling teeth

for the first couple years I was here to get the kids to sign in on our sign in sheet. The writing, if they did it at all, was usually illegible and information almost always omitted. They figured, “hey, I’ve signed in once, why do I have to do it every time.”

Having the iPad at the front desk, and because most (if not all) of these kids are high-tech, they now automatically head for the iPad. I would say our sign-ins are at least 90% now as opposed to perhaps 50% in the past. Record keeping is so much easier and accurate!”. Zap!

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Calvary Youth Group

Queensland, Australia. Calvary Youth Group uses ZAP IN for all their onsite youth events.  They appreciate that the iPad has its own stand at the front and the youth are able to easily sign themselves in.  They have tested it twice now for Fire Drill safety and feel it is a 100% improvement for capturing who is on site at any given time.  They also utilize the follow-up emails feature and feel it has positively impacted their attendance on all events!

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