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Our team is proud of its world-wide leading sales of ZAP IN, on the Apple iPad™. Released in 2010, it was the first original visitor registry app on iTunes App Store. It set the standard for all others to follow.


Now, we are currently in our 4th generation of product. Using modern architectures that allow top performance, security and reliability as we constantly program new features to meet the modern demands of an evolving market. To be the first, and to stay there takes great effort to know the needs of our clients,  and build out the features that take complex functionality and makes it simple to use. This has become our hallmark.


Our offices are located in Canada's tech hub, Waterloo, Ontario, with access to the best Canadian engineering minds in math & computer science.


Please feel free to drop by and ZAP IN anytime!


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L to R:  Jun, Max, Scott, Paolo, Matthew

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