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Welcome to the vid lounge!

Arrival Notifications

ZAP IN visitor management software sends direct arrival and departure notifications when visitors check in or out. Email, SMS notifications and lobby chat are all notifications features available to ZAP IN users. Check out the latest featurette video on the benefits and multiple uses of arrival notifications for ZAP IN users.

Welcome Screens

Create and customize the perfect welcome screen to greet your visitors with ZAP IN. Upload and tailor the home screen display from backgrounds, colors and messaging to fit any occasion and best represent your brand. Watch the latest software feature video to learn the importance of the impact of welcome screens and how ZAP IN users can make changes to their display.

Visitor Types

Check in any type of visitor with the Visitor Types feature. ZAP IN gives users the option to unlimited visitor types to their visitor management software and customize the sign-in requirements for each unique visitor type. Check out the full feature tutorial on setting up and managing visitor types in your ZAP IN.

Buildings  (data pools)

Summary and set up guide to understanding buildings in ZAP IN. Feature overview of the workflow operation for multiple buildings and how to manage buildings in your visitor management software. A definition of “Buildings” as a ZAP IN feature (managing visitor traffic, configuration, and settings storage) What is the purpose of having multiple buildings, how to add new buildings to your account, how visitor information is stored (data pools), registering an iPad to a building, how to edit/make changes to a building and it’s sign-in requirements, the purpose of All Mode, how-to copy a building’s configuration to other buildings, how time zones work in ZAP IN. Highlighted emphasis on how ZAP IN can facilitate large companies with multiple locations across the world in one central visitor management system that can be accessed from any location.

Here To See (HTS) Directories

ZAP IN includes the option to add a Here to See Directory for visitors, making it easy for your visitors to search for the host's name they're expecting to see. Directories can also be used as a check-in service for staff and employees. Check out the first video in our software feature series on how to set up Here to See Lists and edit your host directory.

Emergency Mode

The modern day visitor sign-in has advanced from the previous digital binder technology. To ensure your visitors safety, the Emergency Mode feature provides preventative measures via real time mobile communications. A guide for emergency management. Keep your visitors and employees safe. Learn, practice by using this powerful tool to your advantage.

QR based Contactless Sign In

Visitors can now sign in to ZAP IN from their own mobile phones!

It’s so easy.   Simply scan a Q.R. code located on the Welcome Screen and visitor’s can sign in right from their Apple or Android phones!   No special apps or software is needed.  

It’s fast, secure, and easy.  Best of all, visitors don’t need to touch your iPad. It works exactly like signing in on the iPad -- except in this case, you sign in from your mobile phone. 

When visitors leave, they will scan the QR code again.  This time,  ZAP IN will already know the visitor is signing out.

Custom Fields for Questionnaires

Create any questions you need answered. It can be used to collect any information you require to satisfy your company policies or regulations.  You can build questionnaires using custom fields and they can be presented to visitors when signing in. You can add as many custom fields as you like. 


ZAP IN supports the following formats,

1. Text: A blank field where visitors need to type an answer 

2. Radio Buttons: Where visitors can only select one answer from a list of choices

3. Checkbox: Where visitors may select several of the choices

4. Dropdown Menu Selection: Offers a list of options for visitors to choose one from 

Visitor Agreements

Display a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement or visitor policy document for guests before they enter the premises. Users can upload existing templates or can create their own unique visitor agreement. Agreements can directly display videos and / or diagrams for safety training compliance. During COVID-19, this is a crucial Workplace Health Screening Feature.


Having visitor’s wear identifying badges are an integral part of site security. ZAP IN includes a badge feature that instantly produces personalized badges. This feature allows you to customize the appearance of your visitor badges by adding your logo, including photos and changing the wording on the Visitor Bar displayed.

Reports and Data Downloads

Summary and set up guide to understanding reports and data download. Feature overview of the workflow operation. How to manage reports and data download in your management software.

Voice AI

ZAP IN is an industry-leading Visitor Management System that also serves as a complete COVID-19 visitor/employee safety solution. Your visitors can speak their information into the app as opposed to typing it in manually.​

Every aspect of your Voice AI assistant's script can be completely customized; give visitors warm greetings, important facility information or notify them of ongoing promotions. ​You can even set multiple scripts for the same step, and ZAP IN will randomly use each one to prevent the script from getting repetitive. ​Also, you have the choice of a male or female voice and various accents to feel more at home.

Offline Mode

Sometimes your WiFi goes down without reason, it happens. That's no problem - ZAP IN will automatically switch to Offline Mode and run like normal, your visitor won't even notice a difference. When the WiFi comes back, ZAP IN will synchronize your visitor records and your dashboard will accurately reflect your day's activity.


Watchlists are great for V.I.P. visitors or monitoring unwanted traffic on your premises. Zap In’s Watchlist feature will automatically alert you when someone on your watchlist signs in.

Follow Up Emails

Automatically send your visitors an email thanking them for their visit, or send promotional content. Follow-up emails can be configured in many ways. Send emails 5 minutes after guests sign in, or maybe an hour after they sign out, the possibilities are endless.

Express Buttons

Express buttons are now accessible from the Welcome screen, and you can create your own, fully custom buttons. Express buttons allow your staff to be alerted, without having the visitor sign in.  Great for resume drop off or Courier deliveries.

iPad SETTINGS  - recommendations

Find out how to optimize your iPad to get a better result with the ZAP IN. Check out the complete tutorial on how to set up, following 6 easy steps.

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