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The Magnetix Floor Stand

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Magnetix is an all-in-one universal solution that works with all iPads brands and sizes, and enables you to display, secure, and hold the tablet by hand. The Magnetix enables to lift and hold the tablet, while it is secured to its base with a cable-lock. This provides a comfortable and elegant way for businesses to easily interact with their customer.

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Visitor Management System iPad, display
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The LILLITAB Counter tablet kiosk is designed for counter or tabletop use. Configurable 180°, 90° or 0° rotation makes it ideal for sharing across a table or counter. The LILLITAB Counter is tablet friendly, supporting most 10" & 12” tablets on the market, including iPad, Samsung and Windows tablets. It has many different branding options including faceplate and backdrop graphics.

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The Armodilo 3-in-1

Originally launched as The Armodilo(ex), the Armodilo Original 3-in-1 secure locking tablet and iPad enclosure is Armodilo's original multi-purpose digital signage solution: the world’s most versatile display and kiosk stand for tablets and iPads. Designed to be highly versatile, lightweight and rugged, the 3-in-1 kiosk enclosure works as a tablet floor stand or a desktop or wall-mounted tablet display kiosk that is easy to set up or pack away, providing world-class trade show and event experiences in any space.

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imageHOLDERS' Loxo

The Loxo kiosk family is, amongst many other tablets, Windows Surface and iPad Pro compatible, abundant in expansion modules for additional devices and is both ADA and DDA compliant, allowing it to be suitable for use by every audience. Ample adaptable features ensure that the Loxo range is the ideal solution for multiple environments such as Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Leisure, and a wide range more.

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Keep your iPad safe and sound!


Here's our list of recommended iPad stands.

When selecting the best stand, consider:

  • Security - does your stand need to be bolted down

  • Purpose - does your stand need to be free-standing, wall-mounted or desktop

  • Aesthetics - pick a great design that matches your branding / image


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The Armodilo Keyo

The Armodilo Keyo™ locking & secure iPad kiosk is designed for secure wall or surface mounted tablet installations in a wide variety of environments. Formed steel and aluminum with rivets for added structural integrity creates a slim-line surface or wall mountable security enclosure with added room for power routing, peripherals and add-ons such as Power Over Ethernet (PoE) boards and USB hubs.

Visitor Management System iPad Stands

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The Armodilo ALUR

With its low profile, sleek silver accents, and premium feel, ALUR is a locking iPad kiosk stand designed to help you make the most of your messaging. Custom wrapping available.

secure iPad stand

secure iPad stand

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Fusion tablet enclosures are a versatile range of tablet stands renowned for their security, durability and accessibility in all retail, hospitality and business environments. Boasting a lock, a heavy-duty metal face-plate and a durable ABS plastic case designed to withstand even the toughest commercial environment, they create a secure yet seamless and modern stand suitable for most situations.

BOSSTAB's Fusion

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The Space 360

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ipad check in kiosk, displays

The Space iPad Enclosure features rounded edges and open corners for improved ventilation and allows for limited access to buttons and inputs. As with all our iPad lock and tablet lock devices, the tablet can be continuously charged while in the enclosure and have peripheral cables plugged in while mounted.

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