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GDPR Compliance:

Effective May 25, 2018:


  • Instated new role of Privacy Officer (data protection officer).  This role’s mandate is to ensure the ongoing integrity and security of our system data.   Our clients count on us for privacy and security.   They can rest assured that our sole purpose is to serve their needs.    Additionally, the DPO is easily accessible and can assist with any data protection inquiries.   


  • User's / Client's Ability to delete any of your visitor data  (ZAP IN Dashboard).    Administer your compliance to allow visitor requests for anonymity through visitor record management.   You have the ability to permanently delete any of your visitor data.


  • Marketing fields are pre-set to opt-out.   Visitor’s requesting information must now explicitly select (opt-in) to receive information (configure via your WORKBENCH,  and displayed to visitor's via iPad app).

Data Protection concerns can be submitted in writing via mail or electronic mail (email):


Attn: Privacy Officer Corporation,

F - 85 Bathurst Drive

Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 1N2


or via email at: 

Zap In GDPR Compliance
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