Feature: Safety Compliance

Emergency Evacuations

Easily access visitor information from any browser during an emergency evacuation.

Find out who is still on the premises and when they signed in.

Visitor Agreements

 The Visitor Agreements feature includes version control - letting you track agreement sign date, version, addendums and signature capture.


If an agreement is modified, ZAP IN will present this new information for agreement the next time a visitor arrives.


This feature includes large display pop-up window, links to videos for training or policies and the ability to display diagrams.

Signature + Photo Capture

Capture signatures at sign in and/or at sign out. Using just a finger or stylus, ZAP IN captures your visitor’s signature right on the touch screen. Signatures are time and date stamped.


Capture a picture of each visitor.  Photo capture can be manual or set for complete unattended automatic operation. The tablet’s built-in camera now takes a photo of each of your visitors. Printed badges will not only show name and company but the photo also. Each photo is time and date stamped and stored with the visitor’s record if verification is ever required.


Facility Policies

Upon sign in or sign out, a popup screen presents your access-to-premises agreement.


Typically these are Liability Waivers, however, this feature let’s you enter any custom agreement. Each visitor will need to tap “I Accept” in order to be granted access.






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