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Guest Management System Feature: Safety Compliance

guest management system, automated reception
Emergency Mode

When emergency mode is activated, your sign in system converts into a live Roll Call system, with every entrant's contact information available in case they can not be accounted for.

In the event of an emergency, fire and police responders will always ask how many people remain on premises, now you can help effectively and quickly. 

sign in system, sign out

Visitor Agreements

(NDA's + Legal Agreements)

Visitor Agreements present your visitors with legal agreements or NDA's at the reception kiosk desk that they must sign on before entering the premises. 

The Visitor Agreements feature includes version control - letting you track agreement sign date, version, addendums and signature capture.


This feature includes a large display pop-up window, which can display any type of media you like; a floor layout diagram, a declaration of organization rules, or even a live video to play within the app.

sign in sheet, visitor software

Signature + Photo Capture

Capture signatures at sign in and/or at sign out using just a finger or stylus. ZAP IN's automated reception captures your visitor’s signature right on the touch screen and signatures are time and date stamped.


Capture a picture of each visitor.  Photo capture can be manual or set for complete unattended automatic operation. The tablet’s built-in camera now takes a photo of each of your visitors.


Printed badges will not only show name and company but the photo also. Each photo is time and date stamped and stored with the visitor’s record if verification is ever required.

reception kiosk desk, office visitor book
Facility Policies

Upon sign in or sign out, a popup screen can present your access-to-premises agreement.


Typically these are Liability Waivers, however, our sign in app lets you enter any custom agreement.

One popular way they are being utilized is as floor diagrams, helping visitors get to their destination with less confusion.


Each visitor will need to tap “I Accept” in order to be granted access from the visitor software.

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