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Visitor Management System Feature: Infinite Customization

visitor management system, badge printer

Welcome Messages

Customize the automated reception's welcome screen message, sub-message, font style and font color.

You can even change the "Sign In" and "Sign Out" buttons' text to any alternative you wish. 

visitor management system for ipad, sign out


Use your own images to display a slideshow that will be used on your automated reception! 


Effortless branding with your logo, product images, anything you wish. 

First, decide on iPad orientation (Landscape or Portrait) then size the images as follows:

Landscape -1024w x 768h pixels

Portrait -768w x 1024h pixels

Retina displays - double the sizes above.  

* Note: Leave ample margin around your image, since Zap In zooms in slightly during the slideshow.

automated reception, sign in sheet


Zap In uses unicode so it can translate the entire user interface into any language.


It also supports international characters so visitors can enter their names in any language.  


Most of the field labels in Zap In are able to be re-named, therefore allowing you to customize them in your own language.


Remove the headache that a sign in sheet typically causes. 

visitor badge, id badge printer

ID Badge Printer

Badges display current date, visitor’s name and company, and your logo. If photo capture is active, then the visitor’s picture will also be displayed.


Zap In's visitor management system includes an integrated printer driver for fully autonomous printing without visitor intervention. The badges print out quickly and are ready to be worn instantly on adhesive labels.


Click For A Badge Printer That Zap In Uses

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