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Visitor Management System Feature: Signing In

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Return Visitor Recognition

Repeat visitors don’t have to enter the same data with each visit to check in, ZAP IN's visitor management system remembers them.

This helps employees and regular visitors save time on their sign in.

This feature can be enabled or disabled with preference.

Visitor Agreements (NDA's & Legal Agreements)
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Unattended Mode

Sometimes visitors drop by without appointments. Or, couriers show up. What then?


ZAP IN's visitor management system has a "Ring bell for Service" feature which can display a series of express buttons:

  • Courier

  • My First Day

  • Can I speak to someone

  • Apply for a Job

  • Student Pick Up

  • Please help me

Express buttons are large graphic buttons within the sign in app that send notifications (email and/or SMS text) to the appropriate contact(s). 


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Employee Sign In

It’s a modern punch clock!


Employee sign in time tracking with tallied hours. A separate button on the sign in app screen allows employees to check in and check out. Employee sign in records are displayed on the visitor list, but are highlighted in blue to differentiate them from a visitor. 


In order to prevent “buddy punching” activate the SIGNATURE & PHOTO capture feature.


Also, ability to view reports sorted by visitors (or any subgroup, ie: contractors, employees, VIP’s) listing their sign in/out date and times.


Let's see an access log do that. 

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Visitor Types

This powerful feature allows you to set up different visitor profiles,  each with their own unique sign in requirements. Contractors can sign in providing certification details and signing access waivers, while regular visitors enter more simple information and send arrival alerts to their host. 

This features also includes Pre-Authorized mode -- requiring visitors to match your list of approved entrants before being granted access.


Great for: employee sign in,  VIP's needing express sign in, students,  volunteers, crew, memberships, etc!

To ensure your work environment and check in software meets accessibility regulations,  make sure to include a "Access Assist" profile for visitors requiring mobility or special assistance for their visit. 

In / Out Whiteboard
Signature Capture & Photo Capture
Offline Mode
Zap In for Multi-Tenant Building
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