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office visitor management system

office sign in, visitor management system for office

Office Visitor Management System

Offices, Multi-Floor Towers, Businesses, Shops, Services

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Oslo, Norway. McDonalds head office loves the look of the ZAP IN app on their front desk.  They have paired it with a WIFI badge printer that allows visitors not only to sign in themselves but also to print visitor badges automatically. Once a guest has signed in, a SMS text is sent to the employee that they are there to see. The McDonalds head office really appreciates how efficiently ZAP N's office sign in app works within their office environment. 

office sign in app, corporate
SMS Arrival Notifications

Favourite Features:

Automatic Reports
LDAP / Active Directory
Badge Printing
company visitor management system, office visitor book

Billee Electronic Payments Company

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. uses their ZAP IN office check in app in a shared work environment. They specifically enjoy the SMS arrival notifications as employees are often not at their desks but need to know when clients arrive at the main reception. They also find the Unattended mode to be particularly helpful for when a courier, visitor or someone wanting to apply for a position, arrives at the front desk.  They find the Centralized Dashboard to be a great internal tool for scheduling impromptu meetings.

office visitor management system, corporate
Arrival Notification Emails

Favourite Features:

Unattended Mode
Privacy For You & Your Visitors
Centralized Dashboard
office visitor management system, office sign in
Guidewire Software Corporation

San Mateo, California, USA. Guidewire develops some of the worlds most advanced software solutions for the insurance industry. With visitors from around the world to their California offices, Guidewire wanted to replace the old-fashioned office visitor book with a more modern device that would protect their visitor information from public view. Also, they wanted each visitor to be asked to review a Visitor Agreement prior to entering.


They chose ZAP IN's office visitor management system. It has been ideal for their needs according to David Levigner, Director of Information Technology:

“You’ve already made a good app, great! It’s gotten a ton of buzz here with people signing in and we tell them all that we use your app.” .

office check in app, corporate
Follow-Up Emails

Favourite Features:

Reports & Data Export
Return Visitor Recognition
Emergency Evacuations
visitor management system for office, office check in app
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