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Organizations should take Front Desk Safety and Security more seriously

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Organizations today still do not take visitor management, safety and security seriously; with many businesses asking visitors to sign a paper guest book or have nothing at all. Not keeping proper track of visitors has some significant problems associated with safety and security.

Hand written log book signatures are often times incomplete or illegible. Check in and out times are not always completed or enforced. In case of an emergency, it is very difficult to keep track of who is still in the building and provide a quick report list on the spot; causing severe liability for the employer. If there is a security breach and the organization needs to positively identify who entered the building and at what times, a paper guest book may not be efficient or even cut it because of the ease at which someone can falsify information or not complete the sign in process. Further, handwritten visitor badges can be easily duplicated which allows unauthorized people to enter an event or workplace.

Having no visitor registry in place is even worse! Not keeping track of visitors can result in negligence on behalf of the organization, unhelpfulness for law enforcement for breaches and will make insurance claims much more difficult for the organization.

To address these issues, it is important that organizations implement automated visitor registry systems such as ZAP IN. This ensures the organization’s visitors are properly time tracked, identified, with whom they are meeting and include documentation of where they entered and exited.

ZAP IN is an automated visitor registry application available on iOS and Android tablet devices. These tablets can be easily placed on a stand or holder where the receptionist is located. The ZAP IN family of log book apps can be customized to meet the company’s security policies, including printing of badges. Using the automated visitor registry system provides the following benefits:

- Proper security on workplace premises at all entry/exit points

- Streamlining the sign in process

- Send here-to-see emails; notifying the exact person that their visitor has arrived

- Compile detailed reporting information for all visitors at all location

- Keep all visitor information confidential

- Provide sleek, customizable and professional badges that can be printed in real-time

- Improve aesthetics; creating a better image in the eyes of your visitors

- Easy wireless printing of badges

An upgraded visitor registry will have a substantial positive effect for an organization and provide a safeguard in the case of emergencies.

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