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The Best Way To Screen Your Visitors' Health During COVID-19

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Let's face it. The paper sign-in sheet is not only tedious but also scarcely hygienic at best.

We have to accept the truth that our logbooks are littered with illegible writing, missing details and an impending virus-spreading incident - should someone happen to use the wrong pen.

ZAP IN's health screening tool and contact tracing solution is an easily-integrable way to avoid any COVID-19 related incidents.

With ZAP IN's Visitor Agreements (NDA's & Legal Agreements), you can screen your visitors for COVID-19 symptoms easily before they enter your space. Also, not only is ZAP IN's information stored in an easily-read manner, but historical visitor data is searchable in seconds should an outbreak ever arise.

Keep in mind, ZAP IN is here to help you make your space safer, regardless of whether or not you'd like to use our software. If you have any questions in regards to the steps you can take to make your shared space safer, please contact us!

For more COVID-19 information and business-friendly resources & tips, please check out our COVID-19 Resource Page.

Stay Safe - Save Lives.

- The ZAP IN Team


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