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More exciting news for ZAP IN users: Two more updates!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

For the ZAP IN Contractor visitor registry, we have enhanced the Visitor Agreement function. Now you can create up to 4 agreements that can include pictures and videos. This update is great for plant policies, NDA’s, lawyer offices, manufacturing operations, chemical plants etc.

Any business that requires its visitors to abide by specific rules and procedures will love this enhanced feature. You can find this feature when you scroll to the bottom of the ‘Setup’ tab. We have included a template where you can easily write up the text you want and include any pictures, titles and videos (ex. training or safety) you would like visitors to read/watch. Once the visitor has completed this step, they can then click on the ‘I Agree’ button to continue with the sign in process. This new Visitor Agreement feature is available on the standard and full version of ZAP IN Contractor.

We have also added another feature that is available for all ZAP IN standard subscriptions; all standard subscriptions for the ZAP IN family of visitor registry apps have a new 'Follow Up Email' function. This feature allows you to send greeting emails once the visitor has signed in. For example,


Welcome to _______. Be sure to stop by our refreshments area while you are here!”

You can send the Follow Up email within a minute after the visitor has signed in. This feature also allows you to send follow up emails when someone signs out, so you can thank them for visiting and leave a lasting impression in their mind. For example,

“We really appreciate you coming in today! We hope you enjoyed your visit. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on what we are doing!"

The emails are all automated and can be set up prior to guests visiting your workplace. Both features (the enhanced Visitor Agreement & Follow Up emails) ZAP IN will help improve efficiency, safety and brand image.

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