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What do you get when you sign up for a Free Trial?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

We think ZAP IN is a great product and to prove that we offer a free trial that last 2 weeks. The free trial of our visitor registry application allows you to have complete exposure to the Full subscription type. This enables you to try out all of the features, which include:

  • Unlimited visitors per day

  • Print badges

  • Customized slide show

  • Signature capture & photo capture

  • Emergency evacuation lists

  • Arrival notification emails

  • Auto or manual reports

  • Security guide/escort

  • Indepth and customizable visitor agreements

  • Multiple locations, multiple iPads & tablets

  • Vehicle parkting notification emails

  • Time tracker

  • Emplyee import

  • Follow up emails

  • Remote dashboard

  • Customizable sign out options

**For differences between the Standard and Full subscription types, Click Here.**

When your free trial expires, you can then make the choice to register for the Full subscription type or the Standard subscription type. If you are still not sure what subscription type is best for you, then you can keep your current trial and use it with a cap of 5 visitors per day. All this means is you will need to reset the ZAP IN guest book tally wheels from the web application.

Do not forget about our current pre-pay plan options, where you can save a whole lot of money! Learn more about ZAP IN Pre Pay Plans Here!

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