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ZAP IN: Privacy for your business and visitors.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Gone are the days of those paper binders sitting at reception desks. Suprisingly, in the past three years, we have found that the most important feature that is overlooked by businesses is visitor privacy. Leaving your visitor information on a paper page for all to see is not the wisest choice. It allows other people to view who has been on the premise, for how long, who they met with, etc.

With the ZAP IN visitor registry, each visitor only see’s their own information, and the automated reception software assigns a sign in and sign out time. The visitor registry also allows office administrators to print an “On-premises” report serving as an evacuation list in the event of an emergency (or they can take the whole tablet with them in the case of an emergency as well). Further, ZAP IN allows administrators to monitor who is allowed on premise. For example, if there is an event that only certain people are invited to, have the guests sign in (to a pre-loaded list), print a badge in real-time and they are on their way into the event. If they are not on the list, then they will not be able to print a badge and will not be able to attend the event.

Visitors can also sign NDA's, waivers, company policies, watch training/safety videos and more as it can easily serve your workplace needs.

Protect your privacy and that of your visitors with ZAP IN!

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